Weekly Schedule

Below is our typical week of classes. For an up to date monthly schedule select our "Calendar" tab above. Once a month, on our Saturday classes, we hold belt tests and exhibitions. On these test days our Saturday class may extend to 12 noon.

  • Northwood Park Community Center
  •  Every Monday : 6:30 pm
  • Heritage Community Park
  •  Every Wednesday : 5:30pm to6:30pm
     Every Saturday : 10:00 am-11:00 am



    A Typical Class

    All classes follow this routine with some additional activities that the instructor deems appropriate. We start with a brief run, and we expect everyone to be on-time.


  • These are the building blocks of everything in our style.
  • Forms

  • We practice Spirit, Focus and Power. This means snapping every move, stopping at the end of every move (ours is not a flowing style), with correct stances and with shouts at the appropriate places.
  • Free Style

  • This is the sparring section of the class. We use protective gear and practice our fighting style. Free Style develops quickness in your reactions and accuracy, as well as stamina in short bursts. We practice full power-no contact sparring.
  • Three Step

  • This is more formalized attacking and blocking practice. Do all moves with speed and accuracy. This develops correct form and coordinates combinations of moves. This should be very strong and hard but do not try to dominate your opponent; pay attention so that both participants can practice their timing, strength and accuracy. Very good for coordination, balance and stamina. If you are not winded after a set, you are not going hard enough.
  • Warm Downs

  • Provides time for stretching and announcements.