Belt Guidelines


Time at each belt level only relates to ACTIVE (based on attendance of 3 classes per week) participation and is a rough measure. The minimum times are for exceptional adult students with very frequent weekly attendance. Children will often take longer to advance than adults.

Spirit and Character

The motto of our club is "Spirit, Focus, Power". To gain all three of these, commitment and energy are required.

In Class: Show up on time, with equipment and uniform ready to go, with belt tied and shirt tucked in. Show respect for your fellow students - no horsing around.



Belt Schedule

Belt Level Time to Advance to Next Belt
White 2 to 4 months
Yellow 2 to 4 months
Green 2 to 4 months
Purple 6 months to 1 year << more info >>
Brown 1 to 3 years << more info >>
1st Degree Black Min. 2 years
2nd Degree Black Min.3 1/2 years
3rd Degree Black Min. 5 years
4th Degree Black 5 to 6 years
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    Belt Fees

    These are the current belt test fees for the Blue Wave Martial Arts. These fees are used to support our organization, and are payable to Blue Wave Martial Arts. When a belt test is taken, please write a check for the appropriate amount and give it to Jeff, Jimmy, Steve or Beth. Please talk to Jimmy Wood if belt fees present a real hardship for an individual or family

    Belt Level Fee
    White No charge
    Yellow $50.00
    Green $50.00
    Purple $50.00
    Brown $100.00
    1st Degree Black $500.00
    2nd Degree Black $600.00
    3rd Degree Black $700.00
    4th Degree Black $800.00
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    Additional Information

    Our club focuses on physical fitness, building friendships and improving our martial arts skills. Moving from belt to belt is important but not the sole focus of Blue Wave Martial Arts. To attain a Brown Belt, please read this. If you would like more information about attaining a black belt, please read this.