Belt Guidelines

Information on time and fees

Time at each belt level only relates to ACTIVE (based on attendance of 3 classes per week) participation and is a rough measure. The minimum times are for exceptional adult students with very frequent weekly attendance. Children will often take longer to advance than adults.

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About our Classes

More information about our workouts

Our classes last one hour. All belt levels and all ages work out together, except for one special class per week set aside for brown and black belts. Most of our classes are held at the Northwood Community Center or the Heritage Park Community Center. We recommend that you attend at least three classes a week, and we encourage families to join together. Select the "Belt Info" tab to find out more about our belt testing fees and belt advancing schedules.

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The monthly fee covers unlimited weekly classes, and classes run year round. There is a discount for two or more members of the same family who join together. Continue

Age Requirements

The minimum age for our classes is 7 years old or 6 years old with a participating parent.

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We require our students to have ghi pants and a white t-shirt. The cost of the club t-shirts can be found here.

Contact Us

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