Blue Wave Martial Arts

This ongoing class teaches the traditional Chung Do Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do, with emphasis on kicking and hand techniques, progressively building strength and conditioning. This style does not practice contact sparring. Men, women, and children of all levels learn together. Attend as many classes per week as desired. We encourage families to participate together.


All ages and levels workout together. Families are welcome.

Workout Routines

Our classes are about getting physically fit, mastering our forms, and developing friendships. You progress at your own pace

Our Motto

Our motto is 'Spirit, Focus, and Power'. In all of the workouts, we practice these three dynamics.

About our classes

We have been an active part of the Irvine Community for the last 31 years. We hold our practices in several community centers, each class is one hour long. Once you register with the city, you are welcome to attend all classes open to all belt levels.

  • Traditional Chung Do Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do, with emphasis on kicking and hand techniques, progressively building strength and conditioning.
  • This style does not practice contact sparring.
  • When everyone brings energy to the class, we all perform better. Focus helps us to develop our minds as well as our bodies. Strength and Power come from practice.

Regardless of your intial level of physical fitness, confidence, or strength, you can achieve a level of fitness and self assurance that you never dreamed possible.

A Typical Class

All classes follow this routine with some additional activities that the instructor deems appropriate. The minimum age for our classes is 7 years old or 6 years old with a participating parent.

  • Run

    We start with a short run to warm up out muscles.
  • Stretching

    We line up in belt order and do several muscle stretches.
  • Basics

    These are the building blocks of everything in our style.
  • Forms

    We practice Spirit, Focus and Power. This means snapping every move, stopping at the end of every move (ours is not a flowing style), with correct stances and with shouts at the appropriate places.
  • Free Style

    This is the sparring section of the class. We use protective gear and practice our fighting style. Free Style develops quickness in your reactions and accuracy, as well as stamina in short bursts. We practice full power-no contact sparring.
  • Three-Step

    This is more formalized attacking and blocking practice. Do all moves with speed and accuracy. This develops correct form and coordinates combinations of moves. This should be very strong and hard but do not try to dominate your opponent; pay attention so that both participants can practice their timing, strength and accuracy. Very good for coordination, balance and stamina. If you are not winded after a set, you are not going hard enough.
  • Warm Downs

    Provides time for stretching and announcements.

Belt Descriptions

Time at each belt level only relates to ACTIVE (based on attendance of 3 classes per week) participation and is a rough measure. The minimum times are for exceptional adult students with very frequent weekly attendance. Children will often take longer to advance than adults.

It takes about 2-4 months to advance.

It takes about 2-4 months to advance.

It takes about 2-4 months to advance.

It takes 6 months to 1 year to advance.

It takes 1 to 3 years to advance. More Info

Black Belt

It takes a min. of 2 years to advance.

2nd Degree

It takes a min. of 3 1/2 years to advance.

3rd and above

It takes a min. of 5 years to advance.

Our Class Schedule and Registration

Below is our typical week of classes. Once a month, on our Saturday classes, we hold belt tests and exhibitions. On these test days our Saturday class may extend to 12 noon. Register with the City of Irvine's Community Catalog


06.30 PM - 07.30 PM

Mon. and Wed. at Heritage Community Park

06.00 PM - 07.00 PM

Friday Only Black & Brown Belt Class at Lakeview Sr. Center


10.00 AM - 11.00 AM


All levels practice together at Heritage Community Park

Additional Information

Register for classes through the city of Irvine, Belt fees are paid to the instructors directly

Class Fees

1st person $60.00

Two family members $105.00 ($60.00+ $45.00) for the additional student

Three family members $150.00

Four or more family members $195.00

Additional fees/costs

Ghi top $25

Ghi pants $20

patches $10

Club t-Shirts $15- $25

Protective Gear
(helmet,foot/leg protection,gloves) $75

Online Shopping
Cloth Forearm Pad, Karate Head Gear Foot Gear
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- Pro Force Lighting...

Belt Fees

These are the current belt test fees for the Blue Wave Martial Arts. These fees are used to support our organization, and are payable to Blue Wave Martial Arts. When a belt test is taken, please write a check for the appropriate amount and give it to Jeff, Jimmy, Steve or Beth. Please talk to Jimmy Wood if belt fees present a real hardship for an individual or family

Belt Levels and Fees

White________No Charge





1st Degree Black____$500

2nd Degree Black____$600

3rd Degree Black____$700

4th Degree Black____$800

Club Resources

Check out our YouTube Channel.

Check out our Photo Archives.